\ad-və-ˈlȯr-əm\ : Adding Value

Building Brands That People Love

'A very particular set of skills'

We are a Management Consulting firm that unlocks value for our clients through a customer centric and value driven approach to problem solving. Our consulting practice stems from the philosophy that it might be easy to complicate, but it is normally difficult to simplify. We achieve the business objective by breaking down a complex situation into factors that are comprehensible, measurable and therefore, actionable.

'Strategy is what strategy does'

We believe that without strategy, execution is aimless; and without execution, strategy is pointless. Strategy development takes into consideration various factors pertaining to the brand, the category, overall business and market forces external to the business. We believe in understanding the client’s goals and legacies, and in navigating the business through a journey of transformation. At Add Valorem, we create strategy and implement them for businesses.

'Make them an offer they can't refuse'

Every transaction has two ends and sustainable propositions come from value delivery at both these ends. The customer has multiple options and it is important to be at the top of his evoked set. At Add Valorem, our consultants tap into their multi-sector experience and create solutions that are irresistible. Our consumer propositions need to tick three boxes- they need to be compelling to the user, deliverable by the business, and differentiated from the alternatives.

'What we don't need here is a failure to communicate'

A brand is not what we tell the customer it is, rather it is what customers tell each other it is. The brand narrative flows from the business strategy and our consultants specialize in developing the right brand messages and creating communication routes for each medium as per evolving market trends and media consumption habits. We create brand stories and tell them in a manner that appeal to the person you are telling it to.

'Growth, for want of a better word, is good'

Don’t judge each day just by the harvest you reap, but also by the seeds you sow. Our perspective is always for the long run and we believe in breaking the long-term goals into several short -term objectives. We build capability across different functions and set up the business on the pathway to fast growth through a thorough understanding of the organization, the business, and the markets, the way they are today and they way they will be in future.

'Keep your customers close, and your competitors closer'

Our prejudices should not influence the choices we make. Without data on the business and the environment, we are just acting on instinct; our insights practice believes in supporting human flair with some method in terms of data-based evaluation and objective decision-making process. Customer knowledge comes from experience, research and usage of data. Best insights are often blindingly obvious, and unearthing them is often not easy as it might seem in retrospect.

'This is the beginning of a beautiful partnership'

The best business ideas are the ones that grow beyond what you can carry on your shoulders yourself. Scaling up comes from a combination of ramping up internally, quantitatively as well as qualitatively, and in building strong network of associates and channel partners. Our SME practice focuses on building Go To Market capability for retail businesses by building synergies with like-minded franchisees, distributors, and suppliers.


Brand Management

Consumer Experience

Go To Market


Plug & Play CMO

Our associates have years of experience in building powerful brands across categories of products and services. When you sign up for this service, what you benefit from is the collective knowledge base of our team. Based on the evaluation parameters, our consultant will be assigned to your business as a CMO on tap. He will be fully integrated with your leadership team as a Marketing Head and will lead the efforts in the function towards business goals.

Most projects give us a sense of deja vu

Our founders and our core team members have spent years in leadership roles in different organizations. Most of our projects tend to involve circumstances our consultants have found themselves in during earlier stints. We have built and managed household names, endured the sinusoidal market fluctuations, and lived the incredible brand-building journey ourselves. We won’t recommend to our clients what we won’t do ourselves!

We build brands that people love

One common mistake is the feeling that brands and built on presentation slides; nothing can be farther from the truth. A brand is what a customer feels it is. Our project management mechanism stems from a thorough understanding of market forces and our solutions attain the right balance of value delivery for the provider and the recipient of a service or product. The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating!

​Our Belief

A win-win equilibrium between both ends of a transaction is what drives sustainable business success